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Boletín Semanal Julio 9, 2018

Como chequear que es lo que los suscriptores están leyendo

Whether it’s the Trump-bump, a new willingness for audiences to pony up or a good old-fashioned newspaper battle, news subscriptions are on the rise.

“I like to say that if 2016 was the year that was all about platforms, 2017 was the year all about subscriptions,” said Josh Schwartz, chief of product, engineering and data at Chartbeat.

That’s why the news analytics company released this morning an update to its product that allows newsrooms to differentiate between the browsing habits of paying subscribers and non-subscribers.

Here’s why your young child needs to get to school on time, every day

By Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach County • August 4, 2017
Attendance matters because missing school, even preschool, can leave children behind their classmates. Consistently missing school or being late can mean children struggle in class not just this week or this month, but...
The new “subscriber engagement analytics” allow Chartbeat customers to analyze user behaviors across their websites based on whether a user has paid to become a subscriber to that news organization, Schwartz said. It specifically tracks three tiers of users: paid subscribers, registered but non-paying users and unpaid guests.

Publishers can use this information to tailor coverage to prioritize topics of interest to paying customers, now considered to be “first-class citizens within the Chartbeat product,” Schwartz said.
“They’re much more valuable, from a revenue perspective, and as a publisher I may want to be making all of my decisions by looking at subscribers first and others second,” he said.

He also suggested using this information to tinker paywalls to fit user needs. If large amounts of unpaid users reach an article behind a paywall, for example, a publisher could choose to tailor the messaging those users see to encourage them to subscribe, or move the article in front of the paywall.

Current Chartbeat customers will need to add a line of code to add the feature. Schwartz said the subscriber analytics will work across almost all content management systems and sites.

MailOnline Daily Mail y The Mail del Domingo reportan un fuerte crecimiento de ganancias por anuncios

Total ad revenue across dmg media grew by an underlying five per cent in the quarter, with 27 per cent underlying growth in digital advertising, partially offset by an underlying five per cent decline in print advertising
The trading update this morning covers the third quarter of DMGT's financial year, the three month period to 30 June.

MailOnline's advertising revenues increased by an underlying £6 million (28 per cent), reflecting continued encouraging growth in both the UK and the US and more than offsetting a decline of £3 million (nine per cent) at the Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday for the quarter, the publisher said. 

MailOnline's average global monthly unique browsers during the quarter, excluding Snapchat and Facebook, stood at 232 million, up two per cent on last year, and average global daily unique browsers were 15.3 million, an increase of six per cent on last year. 

The Washington Post explora identidad y cultura en América con el debut de su newsletter Acerca de Nosotros

The Washington Post today introduced “About US,” a collection of news and commentary focused on the changing demographics in America. Published in the PostNation blog and in newsletter form later this year, the content will provide conversational insights and timely information about identity, including matters of gender, race and class.

“What it means to be an American is rapidly expanding and evolving. The shift is impossible to ignore,” said Simone Sebastian, deputy editor for the America Desk. “Part of The Washington Post’s mission is to accurately and honestly reflect the society that we live in, and About US will help accomplish that through engaging journalism that sparks discussion and challenges how we think about ourselves.”

Published each Thursday, About US will feature reported stories, first-person essays and engaging visuals produced by a diverse group of Post staff and guest contributors. In today’s edition, Post reporter Wesley Lowery contemplates becoming a gun owner as a black man, a transgender veteran explains how military service led him to discover his identity, and About US lead writer Vanessa Williams explores how identity politics define America’s future and its past.