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Boletín Semanal Marzo 24, 2019

A former regional editor has vowed to “fight back” for local newspapers as she prepares to launch her own title.

Sue Briggs, left, will bring out the first edition of The Paper for Bunbury, serving the Cheshire village where she lives, in March.

Sue edited the Knutsford Guardian between 1994 and 2009, when she took voluntary redundancy from Newsquest.

The Paper for Bunbury will be produced monthly and distributed for free.  The first edition will come out on 22 March.

Sue told HTFP: “Local newspapers have taken a battering of late. I think it’s time to fight back.”

Initially Sue will be working alone with help from Nick Jones, a freelance photographer who also worked for the Guardian series.

She added: “Many newspaper bosses seem to think that the public can take pictures like the professionals. But they cannot.”

The launch of the new title has been welcomed by Martin Bell, who was MP for Tatton when Sue was editor.

In a letter to The Paper, he wrote: “I am delighted to welcome the birth of The Paper. Long may it flourish. Long may it reflect the local community, revel in the politics of the parish pump, and not be afraid of powerful interests, the pros and cons of planning disputes and whatever else comes along.”

Mr Bell added: “So let’s hear it for The Paper. It will be one of a kind: local, eccentric and a shining light in an under-reported world.”

Sue is the daughter of Don Briggs, a former executive journalist on the Daily Mirror, while her sister Nicola is a former deputy editor of the Daily Express.

She said: “We are a bit like the Dimblebys but less well known.”